World Tour : GHEIST

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The hotel where you like to hang out after parties?

Definitely the Dorint Hotel in Mannheim.


Your favorite hotel room ?

Single room with a king size bed, a whirlpool on the terrace and the minibar for free. Never had one of those.


Which hotel bar has the best cocktails ?

Every hotel bar that knows how to make a proper Espresso Martini. You won’t believe how often we’ve got a single shot Martini with an Espresso on the side ?!


Favorite restaurant before hitting the town all night ?

Actually we like to switch it up quite often. The last one we went to is a small italian place called „Saporito“ in Berlin.


Best address for late night grub ?

II Maritozzaro in Rome is too good to be true.


Your favorite chef masterpiece ?

Pizza Luigi, a tiny and classic place in Ostiense, Rome.


The supermarket where you can be seen ?

Markthalle 9, Berlin.


The club where you’re playing most often ?

Watergate in Berlin. We love to play there, it’s definitely our home base.


The dancefloor with the best view 

Warung Beach Club.


The craziest festival ?

Fusion Festival in Germany.


The city you LOVE getting lost in ?

Paris and every city without a curfew.


Your favorite airport to mingle in during long layovers ?



The museum with your favorite artwork ?

The Miro’ museum in Barcelona is just amazing. But also the Helmut Newton exhibition of nude fotografie in Berlin is very interesting too. Definitely hard to pick just one style.


The movie theater you’ll watch the next blockbuster at ?

Kino International, Berlin.


The boutique you shop for your most jazzy duds ?

Mercato Monti or SuperOdra, both in Rome.


The book store where you like to go hang ?

Ocelot in Berlin is a very nice place to stumble upon your next favorite book. Just recently bought Paulo Coelho’s Hippie there.


The best hidden beach without mobile signal ?

Kelingking beach, Nusa Penida. You have to hike down a kind of scary path for 40 minutes but when you arrive down at the beach you don’t want to leave again.


The secret address that you don’t want to share but will for us ?

Shell Beach, western Australia.