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Eli Goldstein and Charles Levine aka Bamboozle & Lonely C are Soul Clap for 20 years now. They were our guests last april and we asked to those two old friends to give us their favorites tracks. From Paul Simon to I:Cube through their last crush, here is a part of their ideal playlist.


The perfect track to open a DJ set with

Black Science Orchestra – Start The Dancer


The perfect track to open a DJ set with

Michael The Lion & Amy Douglas – Get It On


The track you wish you produced

Quincy Jones – The Secret Garden ft Al B Sure, Barry White, James Ingram, El Debarge


The track you’d love to remix

The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds


The best track by your favorite new artist

Harriet Brown – Shower Up, Saddle Up


The ideal track for Parisians

I:Cube – Disco Cubizm


The track to confort you in feel down case

Buju Banton – Hills & Valleys


The best track to make love

Prince… any Prince.


The guilty track you can’t help but dancing on it

El Chombo – Chacaron


The unforgettable track you used to listen to with your parents during your road trip

Paul Simon – Graceland


The official track you would choose as a national antherm

One Nation Under A Groove


The best track to play for a love declaration on the dancefloor

Silk – Freak Me


Your fetish sample

Morris Day & The Time – Fishnets


The last track you digged

Lieutenant Stitchie – Great Ambition


The album you’re listening to the most right now

Harriet Brown – Mall Of Fortune