Top 5 French Producers by Atish

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After playing at Badaboum last may, Atish revealed us his five favorite French producers and how they inspired his music.

1. Masomenos

I love artists that do something different than everything else, and these guys perfectly live up to that idea. Their organic textures, weird grooves, and all-around unpredictability are a breath of fresh air on the dance floor. I can’t think of many other artists similar to them.

2. Rodriguez Jr

I’m actually a bit embarrassed to only just recently learn that Rodriguez Jr is actually French, this whole time I assumed he was from a Spanish-speaking country! Regardless, his music stands out as truly special since he can produce thick lush melodic music with catchy melodies while somehow avoiding the heavy cheesy factor. Very hard to do, but he pulls it off perfectly.

3. Dyed Soundorom

Dyed’s productions from the Freak n Chic days are timeless in my book. Restrained, soulful, deep, mysterious, sometimes haunting grooves. Remote Cocktail stands as of of my favorite tracks of all time.

4. Agoria

Agoria is the master of soundtracking the most emotional moments of my sets. I’ve seen Les Violons Ivres bring a dancefloor to tears.

5. Daft Punk

Perhaps the obvious choice here, but I can’t overstate how influential this duo has been in my development as a dance music enthusiast. I remember hearing “Da Funk” in high schooler going nuts over trying to figure out how those squelchy textures were produce – definitely has left a lasting impression on me to this day.