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She started in the small town of Abkhazia where she was singing songs composed by her sister but now she has grown and she will play tracks at Badaboum at the end of June ! From ATOM TM to Depeche Mode via her latest crush, discover the ideal playlist of Julia Govor.


Best track to start a set 


Best track to finish a set


The track you would have liked to produce


The track you’d love to remix

I would never remix track I really love. But I love this track and I would love to collaborate with this artist


Best track by your favorite newcomer artist


The special track for Parisians


Best track to confort in feel down case


Best track to make love


The guilty track you can’t help but dancing on it


The unforgettable track you used to listen to with your parents during your road trip


The official track you would choose as a national anthem


Best track to play for a love declaration on the dancefloor


Best track to play for the climax of a set


Your fetish sample


The last track you digged


The album you’re listening to the most right now